Heart:  My deep passionate desire is for all people to see the power of Jesus displayed in peoples lives, for them to come to a saving knowledge of Him, be  wholly restored, and allow Him to use them to display His ever-increasing glory on earth! I previously served as an Assemblies of God World Missionary to a sensitive country for seven years working to encourage the church leadership to embrace  strategy for discipleship ministries for girls. God has graciously used me in a variety of evangelistic meetings as well as women’s meetings and I have seen many people saved, delivered, and healed (documented proof) by the power of God! I have also served as a full-time children’s minister for nine years, and have ministered overseas in Africa, Asia, and Latin America as well as in the US for Retreats, Girls Camps, Pre-teen Camps, and Middle School Camps.

Guilty Pleasures:  I probably consume, and indulge in, WAY too many Chai Latte’s and can inhale an entire bag of white cheddar Smart Food Popcorn at one setting.  Disturbing isn’t it?  Pray for me. 

Leisure Pursuits:  Being with people , eating (nuff said), and excursions anywhere where there is water and sunshine.

Efforts:  Jogging (because of the above guilty pleasures...and overall health including intentional personal and relational growth).  Hmmmmm...Okay, so maybe the reality is that I have a slightly competitive nature.  Smile!

Extra passion:  Mentoring