She came forward for emotional healing.  Not only did Jesus heal her emotions but He also touched what she didn’t verbally request…back pain! ….”more than we can ask or imagine.” 

He had back pain for over 25 years.  One touch of Jesus and he is completely pain free with no more back trouble! 

She had a condition at birth which prevented her from lifting her arm (left).  As we prayed for Jesus to heal her, she felt a warmth sensation going up and down her left arm!  Well, look what Jesus did!  The pastor’s wife at this church tells me that she is still doing good!  Jesus heals! 

Jesus healed (lady to the left) of back pain!

She had a torn rotator cuff prior to service and could barely life her right arm.  Jesus touched her and look what He did! 

Praise God! The Holy Spirit Still Heals!